Welcome, and thank you for visiting! If you didn’t know already, my name is Vance and I like to create things, whether it’s artwork, a program, or something that provides a delightful experience. I love games. I believe in games. I think games have the potential to enhance our lives in one way or another. To connect us with each other, to help us learn, and of course to entertain ourselves. Furthermore, the definition of what a game is continues to evolve, and I think it would be wise to constantly assess and implement game-like principles in traditionally non-game applications.

A little bit about me: Since graduating from design school in 2008, I have been working on personal projects, as well as freelance and contract jobs ranging from independent games and mods to larger projects for consoles, Facebook and mobile. In 2009, I joined Zynga in San Francisco as one of the earliest team members. While there, I helped craft the success of Zynga’s first “Ville” game YoVille. I then went on to help create the massive hit CityVille, which garnered over 100 concurrent, monthly active users at its peak. I then moved on to Electronic Arts to help create the next generation of the Sims franchise. Currently, I am helping to create the most epic entertainment experiences as a Senior Technical Artist at Blizzard Entertainment in California.

I also love to pursue personal projects and ventures or consultations and am usually open to hearing about new and exciting opportunities! So, please do not hesitate to drop me a line or add me on LinkedIn. Thanks again for visiting!